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First product  by Entclés created by a hairstylist for the hairstylists. As of November 7th 2023 the Hot Tool Carrying Case is  OFFICIALLY a US Patented Design. The HTC features responsibly sourced high quality materials that is  innovative, functional and stylishly designed with the artist in mind. 

Above the rest


Each size of our HTC feature cord  wrapping and holding capabilities. This Patented design keeps your tools organized and tidy and away from the Hot barrels. This allows one to stow away their hot tools immediately after use without risk of melting and damaging  the cords 


The one pocket sleeve has a zipper that allows for the HTC to unfold into a heat mat.


All of our HTCs have a heat resistant interior of up to 450 degrees. This allows the HTC to function not only as a stylish carrying case but also a heat mat when tools are in use. The pockets are also lined with the same heat resistant interior for immediate stow away after use. 

Who are we?

USA Patented

The US Patented design allows you to stow away your hot tools immediately after use (unplugged of course). The entire interior is heat resistant protecting surfaces underneath and allowing artists to work directly out of the case. The Patent Pending design allows you to stow the cords away from the hot barrels to avoid destruction.

Patent #11,805,880 B2


Entclés is  owned, created and inspired in the USA.  All persons involved with the design and creation of Entclés have years of experience in fashion, art, hair and makeup. Using all these to inspire, Entclés aims to close the gap on the needs of artists while supplying only the best of creations. Minority woman founded and led, Entclés strives to create opportunities within the under serviced communities.

Quality, functionality, & style

Entclés uses premium leather, heat resistant materials and endless in-studio tests  to make sure the new Hot Tool Carrying Case is the best of the best. As working industry professionals we know the importance of the trifecta:   "quality, functionality and style". We will never sacrifice one for another. 


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